The African School of Regulation (ASR) marked its official launch on September 5, 2023, during the Africa Climate Summit 2023. Hosted on the sidelines of this prestigious event, the ASR’s launch was a momentous occasion, bringing together key figures from African politics and the energy sector.

Co-hosted by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), the African Union Commission (AUC), the European University Institute (EUI), and The Rockefeller Foundation, the ASR’s launch event was attended by a diverse audience passionate about advancing energy regulation and policy expertise in Africa.

Key Highlights of the Launch:

1. Keynote Remarks: The event commenced with keynote remarks by Herbert Krapa, Deputy Minister of Energy, Republic of Ghana.

2. Panel Discussion: A high-level panel discussion featured prominent speakers, including Ashvin Dayal, Senior Vice President of Power and Climate at The Rockefeller Foundation, Linus Mofor, Senior Environmental Affairs Officer at UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Mamadou Biteye, Executive Secretary of ACBF, and Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, PhD, Acting Director of ASR.

3. Vision of ASR: The ASR, incubated by ACBF, aims to be a center of excellence for knowledge exchange and training in energy regulation and policy. It seeks to support the development of more affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems across the African continent.

4. Network of Implementing Partners: ASR plans to collaborate with a network of implementing partners across various regions and languages in Africa. These partners will co-organize events and tailor knowledge to meet local needs.

5. Funding and Support: The ASR has received support from The Rockefeller Foundation, the Enel Foundation, the European Commission DG International Partnerships, and various technical and resource partners.

6. Looking Ahead: The ASR launch event was a resounding success, setting the stage for a new era of African energy regulation and policy expertise. Plans are underway to hire a new Executive Director for ASR, with Prof. Ignacio PĂ©rez-Arriaga, PhD, continuing to serve as ASR Interim Director in the interim.

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