Designed to meet the educational needs of professionals at all levels in the field of energy regulation.

Academic and practitioner instructors from the ASR itself, African institutions, government agencies, think tanks, NGOs – companies and international partners

A diversified learning environment (online, residential and tailor-made) focused on African issues, with local and international perspectives.


Find solutions to challenging current problems in energy regulatory practice considering the engineering, legal, economic, and social aspects and the best international practices.

Multidisciplinary approach responding to African organisations’ requests on timely issues to provide support to policy-making.


Meeting point of active players in energy regulation matters in Africa.

Bridging the gap between academia and practitioners to examine fundamental problems and propose actionable policy strategies.

Independent discussion about the most relevant issues at stake in the energy landscape in Africa with specific attention to the regulatory innovations and successes in responding to the changing environment.

Knowledge Base

Repository of indispensable and diverse resources in energy regulation.

References on best practices that can be adapted to the specific circumstances of the African countries.