Course Objective

The objective of this course on “Power Sector Regulation in Africa” is to provide a comprehensive overview and a sound understanding of the fundamentals of power sector regulation in the diverse contexts of African countries. The course goes far beyond “having an informed opinion” on regulatory issues. It is designed with the practical objective of “learning the trade” of regulatory practice, at a level that can be achieved over the duration of the course. The course will provide a solid platform on which to build later with specialised training on different topics.
The power sector in many African countries presents unique challenges that require distinctive solutions, not by copying and pasting international best practices, but by creatively adapting them or inventing new ones, always starting from the basic principles of economic regulation and an understanding of the engineering aspects of this complex industry. This is the mindset the course seeks to stimulate in the participants.

Course Structure

Online Learning (10 weeks)

  • Comprehensive understanding of regulatory principles.
  • Application of these principles to various aspects of electricity delivery and utilization.
  • Implementation in the African power sector context.

In-Person Session (1 week)

  • Dive into practical case studies.
  • Analyze real-world applications of the online material.
  • Interact directly with industry experts.