The African School of Regulation (ASR) is proud to announce the successful completion of its inaugural Power Sector Regulation in Africa program. This intensive 10-week online course, culminating in a week-long presenital program in Accra, Ghana, brought together over 35 participants across Africa and Europe.

Led by a team of highly skilled instructors, the program equipped participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of power sector regulation in the African context. Participants comprehensively understood regulatory frameworks for critical areas like electrification, distributed energy resources, and regional power trade integration. The in-person session in Accra provided valuable opportunities to analyse real-world case studies, engage in interactive discussions with experts and peers, and build valuable professional networks.

The program’s final day featured a keynote address and panel presentations by representatives from ASR’s Implementing Partners (UCT, GIMPA, Strathmore University, Makerere University, and PCNS).

Quotes from participants:

The Power Sector Regulation in Africa Course is highly recommended for both novices and experienced regulators and anyone interested in understanding regulation as it focuses on the key challenges that regulators face. Although the delivery was online it was interactive through discussion forums, live classes and presentations.  The facilitators were well-versed and practically grounded in their respective subjects which made the learning experience worthwhile. – Lee Okombe (Kenya)

The program has widened my knowledge as regards power sector regulation in Africa. Actually it also broadened my understanding to really have adequate information about how regulators have to be involved actively in power chains to attain desirable results among the players that are involved in the power sector. – Engr. Adeniyi Adewale Sunday (Nigeria)

The success of the inaugural Power Sector Regulation in Africa program paves the way for future offerings from the ASR. Stay tuned for upcoming program announcements!